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Singapore, $50 banknote (1967), orchid

Item Reference: Z48497

Singapore, $50 banknote (1967), orchid

Singapore, Board of Commissioners of Currency, $50 banknote, undated (1967), serial number A2 513943, front: blue on orange underprint, purple/pink orchid flower (Vanda Rothscildiana "Teo Choo Hong") at centre, Arms of Singapore lower right with lion and tiger supporters and MAJULAH SINGAPURA on ribbon below, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR $50” top centre, FIFTY DOLLARS lower left, signed by The Minister for Finance lower centre, lion head watermark at left, back: blue on orange underprint, view of the Singapore seafront and Clifford Pier, printed by Thomas de la Rue & Company Limited (London, England), 145mm x 86mm. The orchid is the national flower of Singapore.

Extremely fine and attractive.