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SNG. British 13. Society of Antiquaries

Item Reference: BKS1105

SNG. British 13. Society of Antiquaries

SNG. British. Volume XIII. The Collection of the Society of Antiquaries. Newcastle Upon Tyne. Oxford, 2005. 48 plates, each with page of descriptive text. Casebound, gilt.

A fully illustrated catalogue of over 1000 Greek coins in the collection of the Newcastle Society of Antiquaries, this publication offers within a single volume a remarkably full survey of the broad sweep of Greek coinage. The particularly rich collection held at Newcastle contains a number of important and rare coins, drawn from all areas of the Greek world, from Spain, Numidia and Carthage in the West to Greece, Asia Minor and the Levant in the East.

The Newcastle collection has its origins in the exceptional group of Greek coins presented to the Society in 1852 by Algernon, 4th Duke of Northumberland. The collection was further augmented in 1932 through the bequest of Mrs E. F. Streatfeild.

An important work of reference, this volume will be of interest to numismatists, coin collectors, and scholars and students of the archaeology and history of the Greek world.