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Studies in Early Medieval Coinage 2

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Studies in Early Medieval Coinage 2

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Ed. Abramson, T. Studies in Early Medieval Coinage 2. New Perspectives. 2011. 261 pages, illustrations in the text. Card covers. The imagery and development of early Anglo-Saxon coinage have recently been the subject of renewed interest amongst scholars and collectors; the growth of material available for study, combined with new analytical approaches to research in this area, has enabled scholars to shed new light upon what has been, for many decades, overlooked. Studies in Early Medieval Coinage 2, using but not limited to the proceedings of the second biennial Sceattas Symposium (Leeds, 2008), builds upon the recent advances to establish a new benchmark for the study of coin typologies. Going beyond the traditional examinations of moneyers, mint marks and monarchs, these essays, by many of the leading scholars currently working in the field, draw upon the imagery present upon the coins themselves to offer new insights into Anglo-Saxon art and society. Contents; 1.  Introduction; 2. English money, foreign money. The circulation of tremisses and sceattas in the east midlands, and the monetary role of 'productive sites'; 3. The de Wit collection of early Anglo-Saxon coinage at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; 4. The boat and the cross: church and state in early Anglo-Saxon coinage; 5. Kingship and learning on the broad penny coinage of the 'Mercian Supremacy'; 6. Coins, images and tales from the Holy Land: Questions of Theology and Orthodoxy; 7. Series E reconsidered; 8. Viking kings, political power and monetisation; 9. A preliminary note on the artefacts from the Vale of York Viking Hoard; 10. The Vale of York Viking hoard: Preliminary catalogue; 11. Coinage and monetary circulation in the northern Danelaw in the 920s in the light of the Vale of York hoard; 12. The 'North of England' productive site revisited; 13. The earliest signed penny of Crickland: A local find of Edgar's 'Circumscription Cross' issue; 14. Madelinus beyond imitations and sceats: trial pieces, fake brooches and some modern promotional copies; 15. Notes on the Keith Chapman collection of Northumbrian silver sceattas: c.700-c.788; 16. BNJ Coin register sceatta index; 17. Early medieval numismatic bibliography. Contributors: Michael Metcalf, Tony Abramson, Catherine Karkov, Rory Naismith, Anna Gannon, Wybrand Op den Velde, Megan Gooch, Barry Ager, Gareth Williams, Mike Bonser, Stewart Lyon, Arent Pol, James Booth.