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The Coinage of Southern England 796-865.

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The Coinage of Southern England 796-865.

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Naismith, R. The Coinage of Southern England 796-865. Volume 1. Introduction, Tables and Plates. Volume 2. Catalogue and Indices. British Numismatic Society, Special Publication No. 8. Two volumes. Quarto, pp. 294; 419. illustrations throughout. London, 2011. Cloth, jacket. The Coinage of Southern England 796-865 is the first full assessment of the coinage produces between the death of Offa and the arrival of the Viking Great Army to be published in almost 50 years. It contains a catalogue, classification and die study of all surviving coins minted in England south of the Humber: almost 3000 specimens in total. Details and illustrations of every coin are provided, as well as an extensive introduction and other supporting chapters laying the pennies into their numismatic and historical context. This material is of central importance to all students of Anglo-Saxon numismatics and history.