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The Coins of the Bengal Presidency

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The Coins of the Bengal Presidency

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Stevens, Dr. P. The Coins of the Bengal Presidency. The Coinage of the Hon. East India Company: Part I. Quarto, pp. xii, 564, photographs and illustrations throughout. Cloth, jacket. This book explores the coins and mints of the Bengal Presidency from 1757, when the EIC first acquired the right to mint coins there, until 1835, when a uniform coinage was introduced into British India. The book is divided into ten chapters, each dealing with a different time or location of the coinage. Each chapter consists of a short summary followed by a very detailed exploration of the information found mainly in the archives of the EIC. This part contains extensive archival extracts, which should prove useful to both numismatists and historians studying the EIC. Next, within each chapter, there is a detailed catalogue of the coins discussed within that chapter, and finally there is a list of references that should ensure that the original sources can easily be found. In essence this book builds upon and expands the well-known work originally produced by Major Fred Pridmore.