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Australasian Tokens

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Australia, Tea Merchants, Halfpenny,

Australia, Victoria, Stawell, Crothers & Co (tea merchant...

Item Reference: FG45950

Price £185

New-Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains

New Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Wellington, copper Penny...

Item Reference: Z60561

Price £50

New-Zealand, United Services Hotel

New Zealand, United Services Hotel, Auckland,...

Item Reference: Z60559

Price £200

Australia, Davies, Alxander & Co

Australia, Davies, Alexander & Co., Goulburn, New South...

Item Reference: Z60557

Price £45

Australia, Crothers & Co Token, c.1862

Australia, Victoria, Stawell, Crothers & Co (tea merchant...

Item Reference: FG45949

Price £545

Mrs Fisher, Advertising Token 1857

Australia, Victoria, South Yarra, Prahan, Mrs Fisher...

Item Reference: FG46114

Price £385

Eaglehawk, Penny Token, c.1858

Australia, Victoria, Eaglehawk, John Williams and George...

Item Reference: FG45930

Price £495

Australia, Bullion Dealers Token, c.1855

Australia, Joseph Lane & Son (based at 3 Great Charles...

Item Reference: FM45931

Price £1,125

Baldwin's Auction 72. 4th Oct 2011.

Baldwin's Auction No. 72. 4th October 2011. A Collection...

Item Reference: BKS830

Price £7

New-Zealand, S. Hague Sminth, Auckland

New Zealand, S. Hague Smith, Auckland, copper Penny token,...

Item Reference: Z60560

Price £225

Bookseller Advertising Token 1862

Australia, Victoria, Richmond, Myles Barrowclough...

Item Reference: FM45932

Price £845

Australia, William A. Jarvey, Hobart

Australia, William A. Jarvey, Hobart, Murray Street, copper...

Item Reference: Z60558

Price £100

Study Australasian Trade Tokens

Gray, S. A Study of Australasian Trade Tokens. An...

Item Reference: BKS1198

Price £45

Australian & New Zealand Token Values

Pitt, M. T. Renniks Australian & New Zealand Token Values....

Item Reference: BKS853

Price £35

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