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Very Fine 1864 Sovereign

Price £450

Very Fine 1864 Sovereign

Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1864, die number 15, second larger young head left, ww incuse on truncation without stops, date below doubled, sharp top to 4, sharper more hooked incomplete 6, die flaw to left of 8 running from rim to neck, some very light doubling in legend both sides, rev crowned quartered shield of arms within laurel wreath, die number 15 below, emblems below, 7.95g (Marsh 49; MCE 525; S 3853).

Once lightly cleaned, nearly very fine.

ex A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd sourced via Paul Davies Ltd, October 2006 Calendar year mintage 8,656,352. ex Bentley Collection lot 447. Calendar year mintage 8,656,352.