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Very Rare Mule Groat Henry IV-Henry V

Item Reference: HM52345

Very Rare Mule Groat Henry IV-Henry V

Henry IV (1399-1413) / Henry V (1413-22), Groat, London Mint, Henry IV obverse muled with Henry V reverse, crowned facing bust, within tressure of nine arcs, large fleur on each cusp, circles and legend surrounding, initial mark cross pattée, double saltire stops, trefoil at end of legend, rev long cross pattée, tripellets in each inner angle, twin concentric legends and beaded circles surrounding, initial mark pierced cross, 3.75g (N.1359b/1387; S.1728/1764-6; Stewartby p.323 A).

Fine / almost very fine, toned and very rare.

ex Frank Brady Collection, Spink Auction, 6th October 2011, lot 67