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Emblems of Eminence. German Renaissance Portrait Medals.

Item Reference: BKS369

Emblems of Eminence. German Renaissance Portrait Medals.

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Volz, P. & Jokisch,H. C. Emblems of Eminence. German Renaissance Portrait Medals from the age of Albrecht durer. The Collections of an Art Connoisseur. Munich, 2008. Large quarto, pp. 223, full colou illustrations accompany each description. Casebound, cloth. The collection of 85 cast German medals from the first six decades of the 16th century reproduced in this book represents the early - and the finest- period of the German Renaissance. In addition to portraits it contains medals representing biblical scenes and historical events, thus supplying fuller insight into the artists work. A large number of the medals are generally considered to be among the finest specimens that have survived. Most of the emblems are of noblemen, merchants and other notables. Some represent biblical scenes or were made to commemorate significant places or events. Each emblem is shown on both obverse and reverse along with a full description of the piece and a short biography of the subject. This sumptuously produced book is a useful reference for both art and Renaissance historians.