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Victoria, Sovereign, 1871

Item Reference: GI47899

Victoria, Sovereign, 1871

Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1871, die number 79, third young head left, w.w. in relief on truncation, date below, first 1 heavily die flawed to neck, last A of legend die flawed to rim, hint of doubling in legend both sides, less so on reverse, rev crowned quartered shield of arms within laurel wreath, die number 79 below, emblems below, some letters with light flaws, 8.00g (Marsh 55; MCE 531; S 3853B).

Reverse rim nick, tiny red spot on forehead, other light nicks and marks, extremely fine.

ex Douro Cargo, Spink Auction 118, 20-21 November 1996, lot 1381 (part). ex Bentley Collection lot 246. Calendar year mintage 8,767,250