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A WW2 'Siege of Malta' Interest DSM to Dilworth, RN

Item Reference: JM57085

A WW2 'Siege of Malta' Interest DSM to Dilworth, RN

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL, GVIR, 1st type (J,76641 E. Dilworth, L. Tel.); officially impressed.

Attractively toned, extremely fine.

DSM London Gazette 26.05.1942 – ‘for courage and resolution in action against enemy aircraft, while serving in HMS Beryl.’ The Anti-Submarine Trawler HMS Beryl played a distinguished role in WW2, largely in connection with her sustained operations in and around the Grand Harbour of Malta. She performed mine-sweeping operations in the approach area to the harbour through the Siege of Malta, and was nicknamed the ‘Flagship of Malta’. She repeatedly cleared mines at some considerable risk, and she also played a part 29 December 1941 when she was attacked by several ME109s, a submarine and several Eboats, where she was severely damaged. Furthermore, she also served as an escort to the stricken tanker SS Ohio as against the odds she managed to arrive into the harbour with her essential cargo of supplies, just prior to breaking in half upon arrival.

This award is believed to relate to this latter action, as Lt Commander Sellwood received the DSC, and other crewmembers were decorated also. D/J 76641 Leading Telegraphist Ezekiel Dilworth was awarded the DSM for his role in this action, and was also entitled to a RN LSGC medal. Sold with copied London Gazette mentions and other research.