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Andrée's Arctic Balloon Expedition.

Item Reference: P0181

Andrée's Arctic Balloon Expedition.

Polar Exploration / ballooning, S. A. Andrée's Arctic balloon expedition of 1897 and Fridtjof Nansen North Pole Expedition of 1893-1896, White Metal Medal by Högel after 1896, 49mm (Malpas 156).

Extremely fine.

Nansen was an exceptional man: champion skier and ice skater, explorer, scientist whose researches helped establish modern theories of neurology, influential diplomat, League of Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Unfortunately, by contrast, Andrée's ill-fated expedition by hydrogen balloon ended in the entire team perishing, the exact circumstances of which remained one of the great unsolved mysteries of expoloration until one of their camps was stumbled upon almost 50 years later.