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Anglo-Saxon pale gold Thrymsa, Pada

Item Reference: NSN001

Anglo-Saxon pale gold Thrymsa, Pada

Early Anglo-Saxon Period (655-675), Pale Gold Thrymsa, Pada type A, bust right wearing double pearl diadem, Runic inscription surrounding, rev. small cross with annulet in each angle, legend NOVI ANVSPFAV interrupted by runes for pada 1.10g. (Metcalf 82; N.31; S.773).

Irregular shape flan, a bold very fine and extremely rare,

ex Patrick Finn List 12 (1998), number 38. Found at Lyminge, north of Lympne in Kent, 1996. The area was once the site of a Kentish Royal court, where an abbey was founded and endowed for Aethelburga, daughter of Aethelberht and widow of Edwin of Northumbria.