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Auction 3          Islamic Coins and Medals        London                9 May 2017   
Auction 4 Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Medals, Banknotes London 15 May 2017
Coin Fair London Coin Fair London 3 June 2017
Auction 5  Argentum London 3 June 2017
Auction 6 Ancient, British and Foreign Coins, 17th and 18th Century Tokens London June 2017
Coin Fair York Stamp and Coin Fair London July 2017
Coin Fair World's Fair of Money USA 15 August 2017
Coin Fair Hong Kong International Coin Convention Hong Kong August 2017
 Coin Fair  London Coin Fair  London   2 September 2017
 Auction 7  Argentum  London  2 September 2017
 Coin Fair  Coinex  London  22-23 September 2017
 Auction 8  Ancient, British and Foreign Coins, Medals and Banknotes  London  20 September 2017
 Auction 9  The Premier Sale  London  21 September 2017
 Auction 10  The Premier Sale  London  22 September 2017
  Coin Fair  London Coin Fair  London  4 November 2017
 Auction 11  Ancient, British and Foreign Coins, Medals and Banknotes  London  November 2017
 Coin Fair New York International Coin Convention  USA  January 2018 
 Auction 12 Ancient, British and Foreign Coins, Medals and Banknotes  USA  January 2018 
 Coin Fair York Stamp and Coin Fair  York  January 2018 
 Coin Fair London Coin Fair  London  3 February 2018 
 Auction 13 Argentum  London  3 February 2018 


Our Achievements

Our international reputation, built up over many years of trading, make us ideally placed to handle the sale of numismatic collections both large and small. We work tirelessly with vendors on an individual basis to ensure we always acheive the best possible results.

Our world-class team of specialists have guided thousands - whether a first-time seller or an experienced dealer - right through from initial contact to after the sale. Our in-house marketing team also conduct strategic demographic and geographical campaigns prior to every auction we hold, ensuring that we provide a service that cannot be found anywhere else in the numismatic community.

The more people that know about your item/s or collection, the more it will make. This 360 approach has time and time again resulted in some of the biggest prices realised ever seen, and Baldwin's are the current holders of a number of World Record prices achieved at auction.





Sep 2015

Victoria Proof Set 1839

The famous 1939 Victoria Proof Set containing 15 Gold, Silver and Copper coins, all graded as the finest the NGC had ever seen, and with a provenance that went back to a sale in 1856 where it sold for £10 and 10 shilling. Current World Record for a British Proof Set.




Sep 2015

Hong Kong Trade Dollar

This Hong Kong Trade Dollar was sold for a record breaking price at our auction in London, breaking the record that had been set only 4 months previously at our auction in London. Current World Record for a Hong Kong Trade Dollar.



May 2016

Lavrillier Pattern 1933 Penny

The 1933 Lavrillier Pattern Penny captured the imagination of many, and its sale was reported in national press around the world. Current World Record for a Penny.



$3.25 million

Jan 2012

Pantikaipaion Gold Stater

From the magnificent Prospero Collection of Ancient Greek coins - regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of ancient coinage and one of the most spectacular numismatic objects to survive from the classical world.Current World Record for an Ancient Greek coin.



May 2014

King Edward VIII, Gold Proof Sovereign, 1937

The only single example of its kind, sold as part of the Hemisphere Collection of Gold Sovereigns.. Current World Record for any Royal Mint coin






Notable Collections

As well as many record-breaking individual items, Baldwin's has also sold hundreds of very high-profile collections all over the world. We work tirelessly to ensure that the right collections are sold in the right markets, and our international presence enables us to target the right buyer's in the right place.




New York, Jan 2012


The magnificent Prospero Collection of Ancient Greek Coins was sold to a packed room at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The white glove sale featured a number of key items that had rarely been seen on the market, and featured the World Record for a Ancient Greek Gold Coin when the Pantakaipon Gold Stater sold for an incredible $3.25 million.






London, Sep 2013


The David Fore Collection of Coins of British India was sold over the course of three days, a world-class collection regarded as the most comprehensive of its kind. It attracted buyers from all corners of the globe, and was heavily publicised across the world.






London, May & Sep 2012


The Bentley Collection of British Milled Sovereigns was undoubtedly the finest collection of its type ever sold at auction, packed with many unique varieties and incredibly rare items, many of which had not appeared on the market for decades.






 If you're looking to sell your item/s or collection at one of our high-profile auctions in London, New York or Hong Kong, you can get in touch today by clicking here. Our world-class team of specialists will guide you through the entire process.