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Baldwin's Auction 76. Bentley Part 2

Item Reference: BKS848

Baldwin's Auction 76.  Bentley Part 2

Baldwin’s Auction No. 76. Thursday 27th September 2012. The Bentley Collection of British Milled Gold Sovereigns (Part 2). Standard paperback catalogue. Formed over a period of 34 years, the Bentley collection is now one of the greatest collections of British gold sovereigns to have ever been assembled.

Consisting of over 1,240 sovereigns, only the finest examples of these coins were obtained by a collector with a keen eye for quality and rarity. The collection will be auctioned by Baldwin’s in three parts of which this, the second, comprises approximately 540 coins including the most complete date runs of all the colonial mints. Part two of this staggering collection contains some of the rarest of all the colonial mint sovereigns including the key coin in the collection, the fabled 1920 Sydney mint sovereign.

The catalogues for the Bentley collection will not only form a lasting record of these highly important sales but will also be an informative reference for the advanced sovereign connoisseur, a major guide for the sovereign aficionado and perhaps most importantly an inspiration to the novice collector of what can be achieved from an initial passing interest in gold bullion.