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Banknotes and Paper Ephemera

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Singapore, $10 banknote (1967), orchid

Singapore, Board of Commissioners of Currency, $10...

Item Reference: Z48498

Price £80

Steam Fishing Share Certificate, 1911

Northumberland, The Port of Blyth Steam Fishing and Ice...

Item Reference: FG44182

Price £95

British, Cheque, Durham, £3.12.2d, 1848

Great Britain, Durham, Darlington, Jonathan Backhouse &...

Item Reference: EG39972

Price £130

Now only £110

Rare Buildings Share Certificate, 1932

Great Britain, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, The Grainger Permanent...

Item Reference: FG44191

Price £115

British Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Thornaby-on-Tees, Richardson Duck and...

Item Reference: FG44189

Price £115

Shipbuilding Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Howden-on-Tyne, The Northumberland...

Item Reference: FG44188

Price £125

Engineering Share Certificate, 1918

Great Britain, Newcastle, Wallsend Slipway & Engineering...

Item Reference: FG44186

Price £125

Steel Works Share Certificate, 1908

Great Britain, Newburn-on-Tyne, John Spencer & Sons Ltd,...

Item Reference: FG44185

Price £155

USA, Baltimore $1 banknote, 1840, rare

United States of America, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore...

Item Reference: CG26341

Price £185

British Railway Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Durham, The Northern Counties Union Railway...

Item Reference: FG44179

Price £195

British Railway Share Certificate (2)

Great Britain, Liverpool, Manchester and...

Item Reference: FG44177

Price £195

Brewing Industry Share Certificate, rare

Great Britain, Newcastle, W A Falconar & Company Ltd,...

Item Reference: FG44190

Price £215

British, Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Tyne and Wear, Gateshead, John Abbot and...

Item Reference: FG44183

Price £215

Industry Share Certificates (2), rare

Great Britain, Gateshead, The Newcastle Chilled Shot...

Item Reference: FG44187

Price £235

Now only £220

Printing Share Certificates (2) 1873

Great Britain, Durham, The Durham County Advertiser &...

Item Reference: FG44173

Price £225

Iron Industry Share Certificate 1865

Great Britain, Stockton-on-Tees, The Norton Iron Company...

Item Reference: FG44184

Price £245

Ceylon, 5-Rupees, 1945

Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Government of Ceylon, 5-Rupees...

Item Reference: HG51414

Price £245

Views China, Engraved Prints (6)

China, People’s Republic, People’s Bank of China,...

Item Reference: GG49906

Price £275

British, Cheque, Durham, £3.3.6d, 1837

Great Britain, Durham, West Lodge, Darlington, Jonathan...

Item Reference: EG39960

Price £315

Ceylon, 5-Rupees, 1929

Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Government of Ceylon, 5-Rupees...

Item Reference: EG39684

Price £345

USA, Michigan, Washtenaw Bank $10, 1835

United States of America, Michigan, Ann Arbor, The...

Item Reference: EG37784

Price £365

China, Great Wall 200-Yuan, 1949

China. People’s Republic, People’s Bank of China,...

Item Reference: FG44375

Price £385

South Africa, Swellendam £5, c.1850

South Africa. Commercial Banks. Barry & Nephews (the firm...

Item Reference: FG45912

Price £385

Ceylon, 5-Rupees, 1924

Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Government of Ceylon, uniface 5-Rupees...

Item Reference: EG39683

Price £565

India, 10-Rupees, August 1920

India, Government of India, uniface 10-Rupees banknote, 9...

Item Reference: EG37944

Price £585

French Indo-China, 100-Piastres (1936)

French Indo-China, Banque de l’Indo-Chine, 100-Piastres...

Item Reference: EG38078

Price £715

Indonesia, Tiger 500-Rupiah, c.1957

Indonesia. Republic, Bank Indonesia, 500-Rupiah banknote,...

Item Reference: FG44380

Price £725

China, Private Banks, 50-Cents (1908)

China, Private Banks, Kiangsu Chu Shing Sheng Yin Chian Chu...

Item Reference: HG52828

Price £765

British, Durham, Backhouse £5, 1868

Great Britain, County Durham, Durham Bank, Jonathan...

Item Reference: EM37830

Price £780

British, Darlington, Proof £1, c.1810,

Great Britain, County Durham, Darlington Bank, Jonathan...

Item Reference: EM37824

Price £785

British, Newcastle, £1, 1820

Great Britain, Northumberland, Newcastle, Northumberland...

Item Reference: EM37819

Price £855

India, 10-Rupees, 1918, Bombay

India, Government of India, uniface 10-Rupees banknote,...

Item Reference: DM34188

Price £915

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