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Battle of Gallipoli, overprint £1, 1915

Item Reference: FM44164

Battle of Gallipoli, overprint £1, 1915

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Great Britain, Treasury Note, John Bradbury (1914-1919, after serving under Asquith and Lloyd George, Bradbury was a permanent secretary to the Treasury during the First World War when he was instrumental in replacing gold with paper currency; he was knighted in 1913), World War One Emergency Issue, uniface One Pound banknote, undated (1915), serial number F62 48092, overprinted in red Arabic script for the Dardanelles campaign (known also as the “Battle of Gallipoli” which took place at the peninsula of Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916 - a joint British and French operation to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia.

The attempt failed with heavy casualties on both sides and the campaign was considered one of the greatest victories of the Turks and was reflected on as a major failure by the Allies), apparently issued for use by the entire British Military Expeditionary Forces in the Mediterranean and the Naval Expeditionary Forces.

The Arabic text translates as “Piastres Silver 120” in the top line and “Piastres Silver One Hundred and Twenty” in the lower line, “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” top centre, King George V top left, George slaying the dragon in crowned garter top right, signed lower right, 150mm x 85mm (Duggleby T.14).

Lightly pressed with a few tiny nicks in the edges, otherwise good very fine and rare.