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Share Certificates

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British Railway Share Certificate (2)

Great Britain, Liverpool, Manchester and...

Item Reference: FG44177

Price £195

British Railway Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Durham, The Northern Counties Union Railway...

Item Reference: FG44179

Price £195

Printing Share Certificates (2) 1873

Great Britain, Durham, The Durham County Advertiser &...

Item Reference: FG44173

Price £225

Industry Share Certificates (2), rare

Great Britain, Gateshead, The Newcastle Chilled Shot...

Item Reference: FG44187

Price £235

Now only £220

British, Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Tyne and Wear, Gateshead, John Abbot and...

Item Reference: FG44183

Price £215

Brewing Industry Share Certificate, rare

Great Britain, Newcastle, W A Falconar & Company Ltd,...

Item Reference: FG44190

Price £215

Steel Works Share Certificate, 1908

Great Britain, Newburn-on-Tyne, John Spencer & Sons Ltd,...

Item Reference: FG44185

Price £155

Steam Fishing Share Certificate, 1911

Northumberland, The Port of Blyth Steam Fishing and Ice...

Item Reference: FG44182

Price £95

Engineering Share Certificate, 1918

Great Britain, Newcastle, Wallsend Slipway & Engineering...

Item Reference: FG44186

Price £125

British Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Thornaby-on-Tees, Richardson Duck and...

Item Reference: FG44189

Price £115

Shipbuilding Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Howden-on-Tyne, The Northumberland...

Item Reference: FG44188

Price £125

Rare Buildings Share Certificate, 1932

Great Britain, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, The Grainger Permanent...

Item Reference: FG44191

Price £115

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