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Irish Small Silver. John – Edward VI.

Withers, P. & B. Irish Small Silver. John – Edward VI....

Item Reference: BKS704

Price £14

16th Century Numismatic Books.

Dekesel, C. E. A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS805

Price £250

17th Century Numismatic Books

Dekesel, C. E. A Bibliography of 17th Century Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS806

Price £375

18th Century Numismatic Books, Vol. I.

Dekesel, C. E. & Dekesel-De Ruyck, Y. M. A Bibliography of...

Item Reference: BKS807

Price £145

Dictionary Ancient Roman Coins.

Melville-Jones, J. R. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins....

Item Reference: BKS433

Price £50

Dictionary Roman Coins

Stevenson, S. W. A Dictionary of Roman Coins, Republican...

Item Reference: BKS307

Price £75

History the Gold Sovereign

Clancy, K. A History of the Gold Sovereign Chief Coin of...

Item Reference: BKS1421

Price £25

Study Australasian Trade Tokens

Gray, S. A Study of Australasian Trade Tokens. An...

Item Reference: BKS1198

Price £45

Agoranomia. Studies in Money and

Van Alfen, P. G. Agoranomia. Studies in Money and Exchange...

Item Reference: BKS1536

Price £50

An Important Collection Hammered Gold

[Glendining & Co.] Catalogue of an Important Collection of...

Item Reference: BKS644

Price £25

An Important Collection Russian Coins

[A. G. van der Dussen] Munten, Penningen, Eretekenen en...

Item Reference: BKS1462

Price £45

An Introduction to Commemorative Medals

Harding, B. An Introduction to Commemorative Medals in...

Item Reference: BKS880

Price £20

An Introduction to the Coinage of

Bendall, S. An Introduction to the Coinage of Trebizond....

Item Reference: BKS1567

Price £25

An Inventory Romano-British Coin

Robertson, A. S. [Ed. Hobbs, R. & Buttrey, Prof. T. V. B.]...

Item Reference: BKS434

Price £65

Ancient British Coins

Rudd, C. Ancient British Coins. 2010. 243 pages, b/w...

Item Reference: BKS892

Price £75

Ancient Greek Numismatics.

Daehn, W. E. Ancient Greek Numismatics. A Guide to Reading...

Item Reference: BKS442

Price £55

Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits & Fakes

Abramson, T. Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits. Fakes, Forgeries and...

Item Reference: BKS862

Price £30

Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen

Weber, E. G. Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen. 2013. 106...

Item Reference: BKS1089

Price £35

Australian & New Zealand Token Values

Pitt, M. T. Renniks Australian & New Zealand Token Values....

Item Reference: BKS853

Price £35

Australian Coins Banknotes

McDonald, G. Australian Coins and Banknotes. Nineteenth...

Item Reference: BKS831

Price £25

Baldwin's Auction 1. 4th May 1994.

Baldwin's Auction Number 1. 4th May 1994. British and...

Item Reference: BKS726

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 12. 27th May 1997.

Baldwin's Auction Number 12. 27th May 1997. The Owen F....

Item Reference: BKS735

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 13. 28th May 1997

Baldwin's Auction Number 13. 28th May 1997. The W. Conte...

Item Reference: BKS736

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 14. 13th/14th Oct

Baldwin's Auction Number 14. 13th/14th October 1997. ...

Item Reference: BKS737

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 15. 13th Oct 1997.

Baldwin's Auction Number 15. 13th October 1997. 125 Years...

Item Reference: BKS738

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 16. 30th Oct 1997.

Baldwin's Auction Number 16. 30th October 1997. The...

Item Reference: BKS739

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 17. 5/6th May 1998.

Baldwin's Auction Number 17. 5/6th May 1998. Greek,...

Item Reference: BKS740

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 19. 4th May 1999.

Baldwin's Auction Number 19. 4th May 1999. Greek, Roman &...

Item Reference: BKS741

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 2. 5th Oct 1994.

Baldwin's Auction Number 2. 5th October 1994. Late Roman...

Item Reference: BKS727

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 20. 11th Oct 1999.

Baldwin's Auction Number 20. 11th October 1999. The A. L....

Item Reference: BKS742

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 21. 11/12th Oct 1999.

Baldwin's Auction Number 21. 11/12th October 1999. Greek,...

Item Reference: BKS743

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 22. 2nd May 2000.

Baldwin's Auction Number 22. 2nd May 2000. The Collection...

Item Reference: BKS744

Price £7

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