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Greek Coins & Their Values Vol. 2.

Sear, D. Greek Coins and Their Values. Volume 2: Asia and...

Item Reference: BKS449

Price £35

Greek Coins & Their Values Vol. 1.

Sear, D. Greek Coins and Their Values. Volume 1: Europe....

Item Reference: BKS448

Price £35

Copper Coins Modern China

Dai Shui, He and Qinyuan, Zhou. Copper Coins of Modern...

Item Reference: BKS1037

Price £40

Dragon Coins from the Szechuan Province

Cheng Guang, Zhang. Dragon Coins from the Szechuan...

Item Reference: BKS893

Price £35

New York Auction XXXIII, 9 Jan 14

The New York Sale. Auction XXXIII. Thursday January 9th,...

Item Reference: BKS1121

Price £7

New York Auction XXXII, 8 Jan 14

The New York Sale. Auction XXXII. Wednesday January 8th,...

Item Reference: BKS1120

Price £7

The Prospero Collection Special Edition

[Hill, P.] The Prospero Collection, Spectacular Ancient...

Item Reference: BKS795

Price £50

Classical Rarities Islamic Coinage

On the 25th April 2012 A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd will sell...

Item Reference: BKS835

Price £40

The Bentley Collection Sovereigns

[Hill, S.] The Bentley Collection of British Milled...

Item Reference: BKS1096

Price £60

Baldwin's Auction 78. David Fore Part 1

Baldwin’s Auction No. 78. The David Fore Collection...

Item Reference: BKS882

Price £15

Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes

Young, D. Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes. 2012. 134...

Item Reference: BKS873

Price £20

Die Reichsprägung des Kaisers Traianus

Woytek, B. Die Reichsprägung des Kaisers Traianus...

Item Reference: BKS1040

Price £110

SCBI 57. Schneider Collection Vol. Two

Woodhead, P. The Herbert Schneider Collection. Volume Two....

Item Reference: BKS155

Price £60

Christian Wermuth; A German Medallist

Wohlfahrt, C. Christian Wermuth; A German Medallist of the...

Item Reference: BKS1026

Price £150

The Token Book 2

Withers, P. & B.. The Token Book 2. Unofficial farthings...

Item Reference: BKS1099

Price £35

British Copper Tokens 1811-1820

Withers, P. & B. British Copper Tokens 1811-1820. 1999. ...

Item Reference: BKS903

Price £80

Irish Small Silver. John – Edward VI.

Withers, P. & B. Irish Small Silver. John – Edward VI....

Item Reference: BKS704

Price £14

Halfpennies & Farthings Edward III &

Withers, P. & B. The Halfpennies & Farthings of Edward III...

Item Reference: BKS702

Price £14

Halfpennies & Farthings Henry IV, V

Withers, P. & B. The Halfpennies and Farthings of Henry IV,...

Item Reference: BKS703

Price £14

The Halfpennies & Farthings Edward

Withers, P. & B. The Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward...

Item Reference: BKS716

Price £14

Farthings & Halfpennies Edward I &

Withers, P. & B. The Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward I...

Item Reference: BKS701

Price £14

Coin-Weights Found in Britain

Withers, P. & B. Lions, Ships & Angels. The Galata Guide...

Item Reference: BKS905

Price £30

Islamic Coins their Values

Wilkes, T. Islamic Coins and their Values, Volume 1: The...

Item Reference: BKS1428

Price £40

Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen

Weber, E. G. Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen. 2013. 106...

Item Reference: BKS1089

Price £35

Northamptonshire Tokens Checks

Waddell, P. D. S. Northamptonshire & The Soke of...

Item Reference: BKS904

Price £35

Etruscan Coinage

Vecchi, I. Etruscan Coinage. Milan, 2012. Two Volumes. ...

Item Reference: BKS1014

Price £175

The Classical, Hellenistic Roman

Tully, John A. N. Z. The Island Standard. The Classical,...

Item Reference: BKS1208

Price £75

SCBI 62. Norweb Tokens Part VIII

Thompson, R. H. & Dickinson, M. J. The Norweb Collection...

Item Reference: BKS800

Price £35

Silver Gold Coins China

Sun, Hao. Silver and Gold Coins of China. Shangai, 2012. ...

Item Reference: BKS1036

Price £40

The Winchester Mint

Biddle, M. & Harvey, Y. The Winchester Mint and Coins and...

Item Reference: BKS895

Price £100

Dictionary Roman Coins

Stevenson, S. W. A Dictionary of Roman Coins, Republican...

Item Reference: BKS307

Price £75

The Coins the Bengal Presidency

Stevens, Dr. P. The Coins of the Bengal Presidency. The...

Item Reference: BKS849

Price £50

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