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Ancient Greece

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Baldwin's Auction 90. 24th Sep 2014.

Baldwin's Auction Number 90. 24th September 2014. The...

Item Reference: BKS1218

Price £7

Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 1.

Alram, M. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 1. Ardashir I. –...

Item Reference: BKS1010

Price £85

Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 2.

Alram, M. & Gyselen, R. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 2. ...

Item Reference: BKS1011

Price £100

Coins the Ancient World

Bendenoun, M. & Callatay, F. Coins of the Ancient World. ...

Item Reference: BKS868

Price £65

SNG Germany. Von Aulock

SNG Germany. Von Aulock. High quality reprint of the...

Item Reference: BKS793

Price £350

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals....

Item Reference: BKS794

Price £600

The Alexander Medallion

Holt, F. & Bopearachichi, O. The Alexander Medallion –...

Item Reference: BKS802

Price £60

Studies in Honor Andrew Burnett

Bland, R. and Calomino, D. (Eds.) Studies in Ancient...

Item Reference: BKS1427

Price £50

Sasanian Coins in the National Museum

Curtis, V S., Askari, M E., Pendleton E J., Hodges, R. &...

Item Reference: BKS804

Price £45

Ancient Greek Numismatics.

Daehn, W. E. Ancient Greek Numismatics. A Guide to Reading...

Item Reference: BKS442

Price £55

Bibliography Greek Numismatics

Daehn, W. E. Annotated Bibliography of Ancient Greek...

Item Reference: BKS1088

Price £125

Medallions from Aboukir

Dahmen, K. Medallions from Aboukir in the Calouste...

Item Reference: BKS1265

Price £20

Monnaies Grecques D’Italie.

Fest, J., Fuscagni, S. & Carratelli, G. P. Monnaies...

Item Reference: BKS999

Price £170

Die Frühe Münzprägung vom

Frolova, N. A. Griechisches Münzwek. Die Frühe...

Item Reference: BKS1167

Price £65

Guide to Biblical Coins. Fifth Edition.

Hendin, David. Guide to Biblical Coins. Fifth Edition. ...

Item Reference: BKS836

Price £65

Coins the Seleucid Empire

Hoover, O. D. Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the...

Item Reference: BKS367

Price £55

Coinage the Caravan Kingdoms.

Huth, M. & Van Alfen, P. G. Coinage of the Caravan...

Item Reference: BKS914

Price £160

Coinage the Caravan Kingdoms.

Huth, M. Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms. Ancient Arabian...

Item Reference: BKS915

Price £100

Judaea Rome in Coins 65 BCE – 135

Jacobson, D. M. & Kokkinos, N. Judaea and Rome in Coins 65...

Item Reference: BKS872

Price £50

Theodor Mommsen und die antike Münze

Hans-Markus von Kaenel, Maria R.-Alfoldi, Ulrike Peter,...

Item Reference: BKS1168

Price £65

Agoranomia. Studies in Money and

Van Alfen, P. G. Agoranomia. Studies in Money and Exchange...

Item Reference: BKS1536

Price £50

History & Coinage the Bosporus

MacDonald, D. An Introduction to the History and Coinage...

Item Reference: BKS909

Price £45

Oxford Handbook Greek & Roman Coinage

Metcalf, W. E. The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman...

Item Reference: BKS894

Price £125

SNG Greece 6. The Alpha Bank Collection

SNG Greece 6. Tsangari, D. I. The Alpha Bank Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS890

Price £65

The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms

Prieur, M. & K. A Type Corpus of The Syro-Phoenician...

Item Reference: BKS907

Price £70

Cast Forgeries Classical Coins from

Prokopov, I. & Paunov, E. Cast Forgeries of Classical Coins...

Item Reference: BKS453

Price £16

Contemporary Coin Engravers Coin

Prokopov, I. Contemporary Coin Engravers and Coin Masters...

Item Reference: BKS456

Price £16

The Prospero Collection Paperback

[Hill, P.] The Prospero Collection, Spectacular Ancient...

Item Reference: BKS827

Price £25

Essays in Honour Roberto Russo

[Ed.] Van Alfen, Peter G. & Witschonke, Richard B. Essays...

Item Reference: BKS1197

Price £100

The RBW Collection Roman Republican

Russo, R. with De Falco, A. The RBW Collection of Roman...

Item Reference: BKS1196

Price £100

Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum. 7.

Sinisi, F. Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum. 7. Vologases I...

Item Reference: BKS876

Price £115

SNG. British 13. Society Antiquaries

SNG. British. Volume XIII. The Collection of the Society...

Item Reference: BKS1105

Price £50

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