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Antiquarian, Second Hand and Out of Print

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Light Weight Solidi Byzantine Trade

Adelson, H. L. Light Weight Solidi and Byzantine Trade...

Item Reference: BKS1047

Price £25

Now only £21.25

Kontorniát-Érmek…Die Kontorniaten

Alfoldi, A. A Kontorniát-Érmek…Die Kontorniaten. Ein...

Item Reference: BKS1432

Price £225

Now only £191.25

Ars Classica No. X. Petrowicz Edgar

[Ars Classica/Naville & Co.] No. X. Catalogue des...

Item Reference: BKS1253

Price £100

Now only £85

Ars Classica No. XII. Bissen,

[Ars Classical/Naville & Co.] No. XII. Monnaies Grecques...

Item Reference: BKS1254

Price £75

Now only £63.75

Studies in Greek Numismatics

Ashton, R. & Hurter, S. Studies in Greek Numismatics in...

Item Reference: BKS1156

Price £60

Now only £51

Les Perses Achéménides

Babelon, E. Catalogue des Monnaies Grecques de la...

Item Reference: BKS1157

Price £395

Now only £335.75

The Electrum Coinage Lampsakos

Baldwin, A. The Electrum Coinage of Lampsakos. American...

Item Reference: BKS1159

Price £45

Now only £38.25

The Silver Coins Samos

Barron, J. P. The Silver Coins of Samos. London, 1966....

Item Reference: BKS1518

Price £165

Now only £140.25

Le Monnayage de Magence

Bastien, P. Le Monnayage de Magence (350-353). Belgium,...

Item Reference: BKS1269

Price £65

Now only £55.25

Studies in Northern Coinages the

Becker, C. J. [Ed.] Studies in Northern Coinages of the...

Item Reference: BKS1504

Price £45

Now only £38.25

Copper Commercial Coins 1811-1819

Bell, R. C. Token Coinage of the Eighteenth Century Volume...

Item Reference: BKS1403

Price £35

Now only £29.75

Specious Tokens those Struck for

Bell, R. C. Token Coinage of the Eighteenth Century Volume...

Item Reference: BKS1405

Price £60

Now only £51

The Bement Collection Greek Coins

[Comparette, T.] A Descriptive Catalogue of Greek Coins...

Item Reference: BKS940

Price £275

Now only £233.75

Byzantine Weights; An Introduction

Bendall, S. Byzantine Weights; An Introduction. 1996. 68pp;...

Item Reference: BKS1501

Price £45

Now only £38.25

The Oxford Mint & Triple Unites of

Beresford-Jones, R. D. The Oxford Mint and the Triple...

Item Reference: BKS1483

Price £45

Now only £38.25

From the Collection J. B. Bergne

A fascinating volume containing 32 very early and highly...

Item Reference: BKS1294

Price £1,950

Now only £1,657.50

Anglo-Saxon Monetary History

Blackburn, M. A. S. Anglo-Saxon Monetary History. ...

Item Reference: BKS1300

Price £40

Now only £34

Die Elektronmünzen von Phokaia und

Bodenstedt, F. Die Elektronmünzen von Phokaia und...

Item Reference: BKS1458

Price £185

Now only £157.25

Medals relating to History Transport

Brown, M. D. David Salomons House. Catalogue of Medals...

Item Reference: BKS324

Price £15

Now only £12.75

Classical Map Asia Minor

Calder, W. M. & George, E. B. A Classical Map of Asia...

Item Reference: BKS1009

Price £20

Now only £17

Cappelli on the Salerno Mint

Cappelli, R. Studio Sulle Monete Della Zecca di Salerno....

Item Reference: BKS1491

Price £45

Now only £38.25

Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern.

Carson, R. A. G. Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern....

Item Reference: BKS304

Price £20

Now only £17

Culture History in the Ancient World

Casson, L. & Price, M. Coins. Culture and History in the...

Item Reference: BKS1048

Price £50

Now only £42.50

Important Russian Coins Medals

[Christies] Important Russian Coins and Medals. London. ...

Item Reference: BKS1461

Price £135

Now only £114.75

Prix Courants des Monnaies Royales

Ciani, L. Prix Courants des Monnaies Royales Francaises de...

Item Reference: BKS1385

Price £15

Now only £12.75

Catalogue Illustré des Monnaies

Ciani, L. Catalogue Illustré des Monnaies Françaises de...

Item Reference: BKS1386

Price £20

Now only £17

Les Monnaies Françaises de la

Ciani, P. Les Monnaies Françaises de la Révolution a la...

Item Reference: BKS1477

Price £45

Now only £38.25

The Medals Scotland

Cochran-Patrick, R. W. Catalogue of the Medals of Scotland...

Item Reference: BKS1140

Price £225

Now only £191.25

Manual Musalman Numismatics

Codrington, O. A Manual of Musalman Numismatics. (1904)...

Item Reference: BKS973

Price £50

Now only £42.50

The Best Edition Cohen's Master Work

Cohen, Henry. Description Historique des Monnaies...

Item Reference: BKS1395

Price £1,650

Now only £1,402.50

The First Great Seal Charles II

Craster, H. H. E. & Wiblin, J. G. Discovery of a Nearly...

Item Reference: BKS1410

Price £125

Now only £106.25

Coinage Money Under The Roman

Crawford, M. H. Coinage and Money Under The Roman...

Item Reference: BKS1248

Price £80

Now only £68

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