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Ancient Greek Numismatics.

Daehn, W. E. Ancient Greek Numismatics. A Guide to Reading...

Item Reference: BKS442

Price £55

Bibliography Greek Numismatics

Daehn, W. E. Annotated Bibliography of Ancient Greek...

Item Reference: BKS1088

Price £125

18th Century Numismatic Books, Vol. I.

Dekesel, C. E. & Dekesel-De Ruyck, Y. M. A Bibliography of...

Item Reference: BKS807

Price £145

16th Century Numismatic Books.

Dekesel, C. E. A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS805

Price £250

17th Century Numismatic Books

Dekesel, C. E. A Bibliography of 17th Century Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS806

Price £375

British & Irish Periodicals Part II

Manville, H. E. Numismatic Guide to British and Irish...

Item Reference: BKS813

Price £60

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