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Commemorative Medals, Tokens & Weights

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Baldwin's Auction 72. 4th Oct 2011.

Baldwin's Auction No. 72. 4th October 2011. A Collection...

Item Reference: BKS830

Price £7

Medals the Russian Empire. Part 6

Diakov, M. E. Medals of the Russian Empire. Part 6. ...

Item Reference: BKS1362

Price £115

Coinage & Currency in 18th Century

Dykes, D. W. Coinage and Currency in Eighteenth Century...

Item Reference: BKS859

Price £65

Calouste Gulbenkian: Medals & Plaquettes

Figueriredo, M. R. Medals and Plaquettes. The Calouste...

Item Reference: BKS1266

Price £50

Biographical Dictionary Medallists.

Forrer, L. Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, Coin, Gem...

Item Reference: BKS205

Price £240

Study Australasian Trade Tokens

Gray, S. A Study of Australasian Trade Tokens. An...

Item Reference: BKS1198

Price £45

An Introduction to Commemorative Medals

Harding, B. An Introduction to Commemorative Medals in...

Item Reference: BKS880

Price £20

Medals the Renaissance

Hill, Sir George. Medals of the Renaissance. Revised and...

Item Reference: BKS1027

Price £40

British & Irish Tradesmen & Tokens

Lusk, Jon, D. British and Irish Tradesmen and their Copper...

Item Reference: BKS1257

Price £70

Index to the Biographical Dictionary of

Martin, J. S. Index to the Biographical Dictionary of...

Item Reference: BKS206

Price £50

Indian Medals, Tokens, Plaques & Pendant

Mitchiner, M. Indian Medals, Tokens, Pictorial Plaques and...

Item Reference: BKS875

Price £115

Australian & New Zealand Token Values

Pitt, M. T. Renniks Australian & New Zealand Token Values....

Item Reference: BKS853

Price £35

The English Civil Wars

Platt, J. J. & A. K. The English Civil Wars. Medals,...

Item Reference: BKS1135

Price £175

Renaissance Medals. Volume One

Pollard, J. Renaissance Medals: Volume One: Italy. 2007....

Item Reference: BKS360

Price £75

Renaissance Medals. Volume Two

Pollard, J. Renaissance Medals: Volume Two: France,...

Item Reference: BKS361

Price £75

Medalje I Plakete Istre I Kvarnera

Šarinić, M. Medalje I Plakete Istre I Kvarnera. 2013. ...

Item Reference: BKS1101

Price £25

SCBI 62. Norweb Tokens Part VIII

Thompson, R. H. & Dickinson, M. J. The Norweb Collection...

Item Reference: BKS800

Price £35

Northamptonshire Tokens Checks

Waddell, P. D. S. Northamptonshire & The Soke of...

Item Reference: BKS904

Price £35

British Copper Tokens 1811-1820

Withers, P. & B. British Copper Tokens 1811-1820. 1999. ...

Item Reference: BKS903

Price £80

Coin-Weights Found in Britain

Withers, P. & B. Lions, Ships & Angels. The Galata Guide...

Item Reference: BKS905

Price £30

The Token Book 2

Withers, P. & B.. The Token Book 2. Unofficial farthings...

Item Reference: BKS1099

Price £35

Christian Wermuth; A German Medallist

Wohlfahrt, C. Christian Wermuth; A German Medallist of the...

Item Reference: BKS1026

Price £150

Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes

Young, D. Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes. 2012. 134...

Item Reference: BKS873

Price £20

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