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SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals....

Item Reference: BKS794

Price £600

SNG Germany. Von Aulock

SNG Germany. Von Aulock. High quality reprint of the...

Item Reference: BKS793

Price £350

SNG Greece 6. The Alpha Bank Collection

SNG Greece 6. Tsangari, D. I. The Alpha Bank Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS890

Price £65

SNG. British 13. Society Antiquaries

SNG. British. Volume XIII. The Collection of the Society...

Item Reference: BKS1105

Price £50

SNG. British 7. Manchester University

SNG. British. Volume VII. Manchester University Museum. ...

Item Reference: BKS1108

Price £60

SNG. Finland. Erkki Keckman Part 2

SNG. Finland. The Erkki Keckman Collection in the...

Item Reference: BKS1110

Price £55

SNG Greece 3. Antoine Christomanos

SNG Greece 3. Œconomidès, M. Musée Numismatique...

Item Reference: BKS1115

Price £65

SNG Greece 4. The Saroglos Collection

SNG Greece 4. Psoma, S. & Touratsoglou, I. Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS1114

Price £65

SNG Greece 5. A. G. Soutzos Collection

SNG Greece 5. Tsourti, E. & Trifiro, M. D. Numismatic...

Item Reference: BKS1113

Price £75

SNG Greece 7. The Kikpe Collection

SNG Greece 7. Penna, V. & Stoyas, Y. The Kikpe Collection...

Item Reference: BKS1102

Price £80

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