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Bookseller Advertising Token 1862

Item Reference: FM45932

Bookseller Advertising Token 1862

Australia, Victoria, Richmond, Myles Barrowclough (bookseller and stationer), Copper Penny Trade / Advertising Token, dated 1862, minted by Thomas Stokes of Melbourne, obverse: 100 BRIDGE ROAD in three lines at centre, BARROWCLOUGH curved above within line border, BOOKSELLER & STATIONER RICHMOND around, all within beaded border, reverse: coat of arms consisting of central shield (with ship, sheep / fleece, anchor and wheatsheaf in the quarters) on grassy ground with rising and rayed sun above, kangaroo and emu to either side, ribbon below groundline with the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA on it, VICTORIA 1862 above all, T. STOKES MAKER 100 COLLINS ST EAST MELBOURNE in two lines below, all within beaded border, edge plain, diam. 34mm.

Myles Barraclough probably arrived in Victoria around 1852 and shortly afterwards married Annie Byers, they had five children together. By 1854 Myles was advertising his business as a 'Bookseller and Stationer' in Brunswick Street and appeared in the Melbourne Commercial Directories for the first time in 1861, with a shop located in Bridge Road, Richmond. In November 1861 he advertised that he was selling “Exploring Expedition - Burke and Wills's Diaries, with Portraits; Howitt's Journal, and King's Narrative complete. He sold the failing business around 1863 and took up teaching in the Wesleyan School System. (Dr Arthur Andrews, Australasian Tokens and Coins 29).

Extremely fine and darkly toned, sold with old inked collectors ticket, rare.