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Eight Early Sotheby's Catalogues

Item Reference: BKS1049

Eight Early Sotheby's Catalogues

Sotheby & Co. Bound volume containing an interesting selection of eight scarce sales catalogues. Comprising:

Coins and Medals. Catalogue of the Middleton Collection and Other Properties. Monday 15th March, 1926. 23 pages, 221 lots, 2 attractive photographic plates (Man p. 243).

Catalogue of the Valuable and Extensive Collection of Coins, Tokens and Medals. The Property of a Collector. Tuesday 8th May - Friday 11th May, 1928. 80 pages, 757 lots, 8 plates (Man p. 246).

Catalogue of the Collection of Anglo-Saxon, Norman, English, Irish, Scottish, Anglo-Gallic and Colonial Coins. The Property of H. Alexander Parsons. Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November, 1929. 142 pages, 907 lots, 10 extremely fine plates (Man p. 248).

Catalogue of Coins and Medals Comprising the Properties of the Late Sir F. S. Powell, Bart.; E. J. French, Esq.; L. H. Scott Plumer, Esq., the Late R. T. Turnbull., the Late General John Drummond., C. N. L. Strange, Esq., and Other Properties. Monday 9th December - Tuesday 10th December. 46 pages, 470 lots (Man p. 248).

Catalogue of the Important Collection of Saxon and English Coins the Property of E. H. Wheeler. Wednesday 12th March - Friday 14th March, 1930. 94 pages, 599 lots, 16 very fine plates (Man p. 252).

Catalogue of the Important Collection of Anglo-Saxon, English, Scotch, Irish and Papal Coins the Property of F. A. Walters. Monday 24th October - Thursday 27th October, 1932. 88 pages, 751 lots, 5 fine autotype plates (Man p. 255).

Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Coins Formed by the Late Colonel H. W. Morrieson. Monday 20th November - Friday 24th November, 1933. 118 pages, 1195 lots, 15 very fine plates (Man p. 190).

Catalogue of English Coins Including the Important Series of Halfpence and Farthings of England, Scotland and Ireland; also Greek and Roman Coins. The Property of the Late F. W. Longbottom, Esq. Monday 14th May - Tuesday 15th May, 1934. 42 pages, 347 lots, 2 plates (Man p. 257).

Bound into one volume of green cloth, gilt. A little rubbed at extremities, contents fine. Some important and scarce sales with annotations..