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British, Yorkshire, £20, 1873

Item Reference: EM37834

British, Yorkshire, £20, 1873

Great Britain, Yorkshire, Swaledale & Wensleydale Banking Company Ltd, £20 (Twenty Pounds) Banknote, dated 19th April 1873 (186_ crossed out), Hawes branch, no.A425, for Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co (bankers, London), payable to the order of "Mrs L Percival", entered by clerk Rubhaly and signed by Christopher Other Jnr (Manager of the bank from 1866), Richmond Castle to left, Bolton Castle to right, printed by Perkins & Bacon of London, overstamped "LONDON & WESTMINSTER BANK" and "CARLISLE & CUMBERLAND BANKING CO.", embossed "ONE PENNY" stamp.

Ex Geoffrey Grant collection. Ex Brian Kemp collection.

Pinholes to left, extremely fine and extremely rare.