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Caligula, AE Sestertius

Item Reference: NM66158

Caligula, AE Sestertius

Caligula (AD 37-41)

AE Sestertius, Rome, AD 40-41.

Obverse: Pietas seated left, holding patera and resting arm on small draped figure, PIETAS in exergue, C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG PM TR P III PP.
Reverse: Gaius (Caligula) standing left, between his attendants, holding a patera over a garlanded altar. A bull, ready to be sacrificed, stands to the left. Behind, garlanded hexastyle temple of Divus Augustus surmounted by acroteria and statues of Romulus and Aeneas in background, DIVO AVG and SC in field.

Obverse Good Very Fine with some minor cleaning marks, reverse Nearly Extremely Fine. A wonderful green/brown patina.

(RIC 51; BMC 69).


Ex R. Laughlin Collection, Adolph Hess Auction 221 (Lucerne) 18/12/1933, Lot #363
Bought Spink, July 1935.

Issued to celebrate the young emperor’s religious piety, this brass sestertius from the Rome mint is an historically important piece. The reverse depicts Caligula, flanked by attendants, preparing to sacrifice a bull in front of the Temple to Augustus. The impressive scene inspired designs used for the Ludi Saeculares series of Domitian, and survives with excellent detail and a pleasing dark patina. In addition, this coin comes with an original Spink ticket – provenance dating back almost a century.