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Canute, Quatrefoil Wulfwine Colchester

Item Reference: DG34773

Canute, Quatrefoil Wulfwine Colchester

Canute (1016-35), quatrefoil type Penny (1017-23), Wulfwine of Colchester Mint, radiate crowned and draped bust left within rounded quatrefoil, legend commences at lower left, +CNVT REX ΛNGLO, rev. long voided cross with three crescent terminals, over voided quatrefoil, pellet on each cusp, +PVLFPINE COLE, 0.95g. (N.781; S.1157).

Toned, a couple of peck marks behind bust, good very fine.

Ex F Elmore-Jones, Glendining, 12th May 1971, lot 210