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Charles I, Halfcrown, Oxford Mint, 1643

Item Reference: EG40373

Charles I, Halfcrown, Oxford Mint, 1643

Charles I (1625-49), Halfcrown, Oxford Mint, 1643, smaller King on horseback left with raised sword, rough ground and grass below, Oxford plume in field, initial mark plume rev. declaration without punctuation in two lines, three Oxford plumes above, the central one large, date and OX below, 15.18g. (Morrison I-28; Brooker 898/ -; N.2423; S.2957/2956).

Uneven shape, old cabinet tone, weak strike in parts, a bold very fine for issue, and a rare die combination.

Ex Alan Morris Collection with his ticket. It is interesting to note that the Brooker collection did not contain an example of this reverse die