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Charles II, Halfcrown 1679 DECNS error

Item Reference: JM55304

Charles II, Halfcrown 1679 DECNS error

Charles II (1660-85), Halfcrown, 1679, fourth laureate and draped bust right, rev crowned cruciform shields, interlinked Cs in angles, garter star at centre, edge inscribed in raised letters in error decns, and dated tricesimo primo (ESC.483 R; S.3367).

Toned, one or two light obverse marks, and two small reverse digs by date, about extremely fine, reverse better, rare this nice.

ex H M Lingford Collection, portion bought by A H Baldwin c.1951 with his ticket. Ex Collection of Halfcrowns, property of a Gentleman, St James Auction 18, 27th September 2011, lot 104. Ex A H Baldwin Fixed Price List, Winter 2011, item BM091.