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China, Hand-made Card Proofs, 1949

Item Reference: DM35495

China, Hand-made Card Proofs, 1949

China, Republic, Central Bank of China, Uniface Hand-made Card Proofs for the Obverse and Reverse of the 500,000-Yuan banknote by the American Banknote Company, dated 1949, black and white, obverse: vignette of the young Sun Yat-Sen at left, reverse: river, house and bridge with locals walking across, THE CENTRAL BANK OF CHINA above, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GOLD YUAN and date below, denomination in each corner, with signatures of the General Manager and the Governor, AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY in lower border.

A design and denomination not used for the issued notes and possibly made before 1949 as evidenced by the younger bust of Sun Yat-Sen. Obverse 168mm x 69mm. Reverse 162mm x 65mm (not listed in Pick, “Standard Catalog of World Paper Money”).

Uncirculated and as made, clean, very attractive and very rare. (2 pieces)