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Der Didrachmenprägung Von Tarent

Item Reference: BKS1169

 Der Didrachmenprägung Von Tarent

Fischer-Bossert, W. Chronologie Der Didrachmenprägung Von Tarent. 1999. 495 pages, 78 plates. Cloth backed boards. Daehn 2844. ‘A die study of the didrachms of Tarentum. Illustrates all known varieties.’

In Antiquity, Tarent was one of the most important Greek colonies in Southern Italy, and the coins struck there form one of the most comprehensive series in the Greek world.

Despite their supreme significance, however, the chronology of these coins was not previously known in any detail. The present book now presents the first comprehensive die-study of the didrachms in Tarent up to the beginning of the Pyrrhic War; 8000 specimens are registered. With this study, the chronology of coinage in Magna Graecia is placed on a firm footing, which even affects the dating of early Roman minting.

Further chapters treat Tarentian gold coinage, examine ancient imitations and modern forgeries and describe minting techniques, the organisation of the mints and the iconography of the images on the coins. Comprehensive indexes complete the study.