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Coins of the Roman Empire

Item Reference: BKS1132

Coins of the Roman Empire

Mattingly, H. Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum. Complete set of the reprinted (best) editions including the second revised edition of volume five. Five volumes complete in seven. British Museum, London, (1923-1962). Volumes 1-4 reprinted, 1965-1978, volume 5 second edition, (1950) 1975. Quarto, pp. ccxxxi, 464, 64; cv, 485, 83; cxcvi, 640, 102; (1), 858; cc, (859)-964, 111; cclxvi, 77, 97; (2), 632.

All in original gilt stamped cloth and jackets (with the exception of volume four part one and volume five part two).

Jackets a little discoloured, one torn but still intact. Contents fine throughout. A standard work and still an important reference to the series, volume five (Pertinax to Elagabalus) now particularly difficult to obtain, very scarce as a complete set.