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Continental Imitation of Henry VI Noble

Item Reference: GM49688

Continental Imitation of Henry VI Noble

Henry VI, first reign (1422-1461), Continental Imitation of a Noble in style of Henry VI, large King standing in ship holding sword and shield, three whole lis in upper left quarter, ship rigging with two corded ropes to left, and one rope to right, annulet by sword arm, ornaments on top line of hull 1-1-1 with lions left, quatrefoils 3/3 on pellet top castles, two small retrograde wedges on lowest part of hull on a high sea, legend with trefoil stops,

h EnRIC. DI. GRA. REX. AnGL. S. FRAn. DnS. hyB., rev pellet and h at centre, ornate cross with lis terminals, crown over lion in angles, quatrefoil by lion’s head in first quarter, within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, large fleurs in spandrels, annulet in first spandrel, initial mark lis, cinquefoil stop after first word, then annulet stops, IhE*AVTo TRAnSIEnSo PERo MEDIVMo ILLORo IBAT, 6.66g (cf.Schneider 832 – group 2b).

One light crease and a little double struck, otherwise a pleasing example of the ilk and a demonstration of how commonly accepted the English noble was, such coins being in use and imitated into the Tudor period, very fine and rare.