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Ireland, Edward IV, Penny, Dublin Mint

Item Reference: FG42453

Ireland, Edward IV, Penny, Dublin Mint

Edward IV (1461-83), Penny, type VII, sun and roses coinage (c.1478-83), Dublin Mint, crowned facing bust within beaded circle, sun to right of neck and left of crown, rose to left of neck only, legend surrounding, rev rose at centre over long cross pattée, two suns and one rose in two quarters, one sun and two roses in other two quarters, beaded circle and legend surrounding, 0.38g ( Burns S-2 footnote; DF 166; S.6393).

Creased and straightened, struck on a small flan, fine for issue, extremely rare.

Jasper Burns Collection –19 regular specimens recorded by Burns as his Sun and Rose type 2, the sub-variety footnoted but number seen not recorded