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Etruscan Coinage

Item Reference: BKS1014

Etruscan Coinage

Vecchi, I. Etruscan Coinage. Milan, 2012. Two Volumes. Large quarto. 598 pages, 153 plates illustrating over 2,500 coins. Casebound.

Part 1.1-2 A corpus of the struck coinage of the Rasna, togehther with an historical and economic commentary on the issues (gold, silver and bronze) from the mint of Cosa, Luca(?), Pisae(?), Populonia, Uncertain Central Etruria, vetulonia, Volisnii(?) Vulci and unidentified mints, from 5th to 3th centuries BC.

In the first of two studies dedicated to Etruscan numismatics, the author presents the struck coinage with the exception of the male head/dog, African/elephant, Peithesa Turms, Aplu and Menvra owl bronze issues of Inland Etruria.

The catalogue includes 3890 coins in gold, silver and bronze, subdivided into 224 series as follows: Cosa 6 series; Luca(?) 14; Pisae(?) 5; Populonia 141; Uncertain Central Etruria 17; Vetulonia 18; Volsinii(?) 2; Vulci(?) 7; Unidentified Mints 14. In addition there is a listing of modern forgeries (213) and fantasies (10).