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Good EF Edward VII Sovereign 1909 M

Item Reference: GI49474

Good EF Edward VII Sovereign 1909 M

Edward VII (1901-10), Sovereign, 1909 M, bare head facing right, des. below, raised die flaw to right of second R in legend from rim to head, rev St George slaying dragon with sword, M mint mark on ground, date in exergue, tiny b.p. to upper right, weight 7.98g (McD.232; QM.185pt.; KM.15; Fr.33; Marsh 193; S.3971).

A few light bagmarks, otherwise good extremely fine.

ex David L Cannon, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, purchased 19th September 1989 Bentley Collection, part II, Baldwin’s Auction No.76, 27th September 2012, lot 821