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Victoria, Sovereign, 1885

Item Reference: GI49463

Victoria, Sovereign, 1885

Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1885 M, first young head of third style left, letter M below, ww buried in truncation in relief, first D doubled, second R die flawed on lower right foot, rev St George slaying dragon with sword, horse with short tail, one single strand spur of hair in upper curve of tail, dragon claws of 3 / 4 arrangement long attached and distinct, date in exergue, 5 die flawed shut at top, incomplete B without P in exergue, 7.98g (McD 169a; QM 114 R; Marsh 107; KM 7; Fr 16; S 3857B).

With surface marks, scratch on neck, dig by first T in legend, good very fine.

ex Reserve Bank of Australia Sale, Downies, November 2005, lot 2001, purchased through Winsor and Sons, December 2005. ex Bentley Collection lot 783. Calendar year mintage 2,966,500 which includes shield reverse design pieces, 643 of this total went for pyx trial.