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Hong Kong Coin Auction

Selling Coins, Banknotes and Stamps in the Orient for 25 Years!
Reliability, Honesty and Record-Breaking Auction Prices.

Baldwin 's have been in business for 140 years and Chinese coins and banknotes is one of our areas of speciality.
Our experts have a wealth of experience and enable us to realise top prices for rare coins in our auctions held twice each year in Hong Kong. 我們經驗豐富專家團隊,保證珍罕錢幣在每年兩次香港拍賣會中以高價成交

a coin and a banknote
a coin

Chang Tso Lin 張作霖
Gold $50 (1927), extremely rare 伍拾圓金幣 (1927) 極罕
Auctioned by Baldwin’s for US$575,000 (RMB 3,670,000)
Baldwin's 拍賣成交價 575,000美元 (人民幣 3,670,000元).

If you have rare coins, banknotes or stamps that you would like to sell at auction contact Seth Freeman with details of your collection
閣下擬委託拍賣錢幣郵票,請聯絡 Seth Freeman 詳談