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Industry Share Certificates (2), rare

Item Reference: FG44187

Industry Share Certificates (2), rare

Great Britain, Gateshead, The Newcastle Chilled Shot Company Ltd (founded in 1875, The Newcastle Chilled Shot Company made shot and “milled buck shot” for use by sportsmen), £5 Share Certificate, 14 February 1876, no.426, made out to the founder Gerhard Lampen, embossed company seal lower left.

The Rodney Steamship Company Ltd (The Rodney Steamship Company was registered in 1915, it purchased two vessels, both of which were torpedoed in 1917/18), Share Certificate for 25 shares of £1 each, 24 November 1937, no.8, red, to Nevile Charles Gardiner (c/o G A Gardiner (director) of Hill House, Birds Hill Drive, Surrey), embossed company seal lower left, purple CANCELLED overprint.

Second good very fine, the first extremely fine and rare. (2 Certificates)