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Kushan, Vasu Deva III, Gold Stater

Item Reference: KG58705

Kushan, Vasu Deva III, Gold Stater

Kushan Empire, Vasu Deva III (c.360-365 AD), Gold Stater, king standing facing, head left, wearing crown with nimbus, holding garlanded standard and sacrificing at altar above which there is a trident, Brahmi letter Bha in left field, Ga under arm, and Vasu in right field, rev goddess Ardoksho enthroned facing, holding cornucopia, tamgha top left, 7.66g (Mitch 3548; Göbl 576).

Good very fine, toned.

ex Hong Kong Coin Auction 42, Baldwin/Ma-Tak-Wo/Monetarium, 30 August 2007, lot 887