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Lucania, Metapontum, Silver Stater

Item Reference: NM65885

Lucania, Metapontum, Silver Stater

Lucania, Metapontum (c. 340-330 BC)

Silver Stater.

Obverse: Helmeted head of Leukippos facing right, wearing Corinthian helmet, dog behind, ΛΕΥΚΙΠΠΟΣ (part visible).
Reverse: Upright ear of barley with leaf to right, upon which sits a bird, META.

Nearly extremely fine, attractive iridescent cabinet toning.

HN Italy 1576; Johnson B3


The bearded portrait which features on coins from Metapontum is generally believed to be that of the Greek philosopher Leukippos (c. 5th century BC), the alleged founder of the city and forefather of modern atomic theory.