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Item Reference: DM35619


MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL, 1793-1814, 4 clasps, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes (Anthony Bubb, Lieut 61st Foot.); officially impressed.

Lightly toned extremely fine.

Lt Anthony Bubb served as Corporal in the Coldstream Guards before being highly recommended for a position as Subaltern with the 61st (South Gloucestershire) Foot, receiving his commission on the 20th of February 1812, and subsequently being promoted to Lieutenant in December 1813. It appears that his parents bought his first commission, as was the practice among wealthy families at the time, to assist their sons in their careers as officers.

Sold with copy service details, and copied letters regarding the purchase of his Ensigncy.

The 61st were heavily involved in a number of key actions of the Peninsular War. In the Battles of the Pyrenees, mostly at Sorauren where the battalion were involved in taking a hill against the French, which the battalion won, dealing the French a heavy blow. At the Battle of Nivelle the battalion lost 49 men, whereas at the Battle of Nive only 6 men were wounded. Later, at the Battle of Orthes in 1814, the 61st charged 2 battalions of French troops at a running pace with much success. The 61st was also involved at the Battle of Tarbes, but suffered only 4 casualties. At the conclusion of the Peninsular War, Lieutenant Bubb was placed on Half Pay in 1814.