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Nero, Gold Aureus

Item Reference: MM64794

Nero, Gold Aureus

Nero (AD 54-68)

Gold Aureus, Rome AD 64-65.

Obverse: Laureate head of Nero facing right, NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS.
Reverse: Temple of Janus with the doors closed, IANVM CLVSIT PACE P R TERRA MARIQ PARTA.

Very Rare. Minor mark on obverse. About extremely fine.

RIC 50; Calico 409 (same reverse die); BMC 64; CBN 212; Cohen 114.


Ex NAC, Auction 67, 17/10/2012, Lot #125 (Huntingdon Collection).

The Temple to Janus (the god of beginnings and endings) was one of the oldest temples in Rome. Romulus supposedly built it after he made peace with the Sabines, and king Numa ordered that its doors should be opened during war and shut during peacetime. The doors had been shut only a handful of times in Roman history before Nero and he didn’t hesitate to close the temple when ‘peace’ was declared during his reign. The inscription on this issue is one of the most instructive on all Roman coins, claiming that "the doors of Janus have been closed after peace has been procured for the Roman People on the land and on the sea".