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Rare Trial Reverse for a Sovereign

Item Reference: HG51225

Rare Trial Reverse for a Sovereign

George IV (1820-1830), Uniface Base Metal Trial Reverse for a Sovereign, undated (c.1821), struck in lead on a slightly oversize thick flan, by Benedetto Pistrucci, St George, helmeted with streamer and cloak, slaying dragon right with sword, held by a left hand only, thin broken lance on ground, trace of WWP on ground-line, B.P. in exergue, all within a linear raised circle, 10.87g, 24mm to 24.3mm, thickness 2mm (WR -; Douglas Morris -; Bentley 948 this coin).

Lightly corroded, “squeezed” in lead from the die and of ovoid form, otherwise very fine, perhaps unique.

ex Bentley Collection, part 3, Baldwin Auction 79, 8th May 2013, lot 948.

This piece appears to be a later rendering of the reverse and appears to be close to the final design used for currency. Trials of this nature are usually only ever “squeezed” from a working die in uniface format in base metal because impressions can be taken from an unhardened die. Silver and gold require a hardened die, after which further work on the die is not possible.