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Renaissance Medals. Volume One

Item Reference: BKS360

Renaissance Medals.  Volume One

Pollard, J. Renaissance Medals: Volume One: Italy. 2007. 1,120 pages, 66 color, 1,745 duotones. Casebound. The National Gallery of Art houses the single most important collection of portrait medals in the United States. This two-volume catalogue examines in depth these holdings, comprising more than eight hundred medals. Providing detailed technical information - including the alloy composition of each medal - drawn from careful research, observation, and analysis, Renaissance Medals breaks new ground in the scholarly literature. Volume One of the catalogue focuses on the Gallery's superb collection of Italian Renaissance medals, unique in their quality, number, and diversity. Volume Two of the catalogue documents the Gallery's collection of sixteenth century German medals, French baroque medals, and smaller, though no less significant, groups of Netherlandish and English medals