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The Brussels Hoard of 1908.

Item Reference: BKS852

The Brussels Hoard of 1908.

Churchill, R. & Thomas, B. The Brussels Hoard of 1908. The Long Cross Coinage of Henry III. London, 2012. Quarto, pp. xx, 384, numerous colour and b/w illustrations in the text. Cloth, jacket.

The long-awaited detailed study of the Brussels Hoard. The hoard was uncovered in Brussels in July 1908 by workmen engaged in pulling down an old tavern, almost in the shadow of the Cathedral of St Gudule and St Michael. It seems that the hoard was roughly divided into two halves - one part of about 81,000 coins consisted predominantly of English, Irish and Scottish coins plus many imitations and a few hundred obols; the other of about 64,000 continental coins (the largest portion being those of the dukes of Brabant).

Most of the second group (roughly 55,000) were melted down after an initial identification.

It was, however, through the foresight of Charles Dupriez that the “English” portion of the hoard was kept intact for detailed study. These coins were sold en-bloc at an auction in Brussels in October 1909.

The purchase of the coins by Albert Baldwin has now the aura of a fable - it has been said that some potential buyers were delayed by fog in the Channel, leaving the field almost exclusively to the founder of Baldwin’s. This study sets out to record and analyse the approx. 34,500 coins which remained at Baldwin’s along with information about coins already disposed of in various ways.

There are notes on the Irish coins, with a series of plates of the obverse dies, as well as data on the numerous Continental imitations.