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Canute Penny of Bedford Mint

Item Reference: Z55781

Canute Penny of Bedford Mint

Canute (1016-35), Penny, quatrefoil type (c.1017-23), Bedford Mint, Moneyer Godwine, crowned and draped bust left within quatrefoil, legend commences at lower left, +CNVT REX ANGLORV:, rev long voided cross with pellet centre and tri-crescent terminals, over quatrefoil with pellet on each cusp, +GOD PINE OI BEDFOR, 1.07g (BMC type VIII, cf.14; N.781; S.1157).

Lightly toned, good very fine and rare, with a much fuller mint reading than the BMC piece.

This coin struck from dies of the late “Lincoln” style as defined by Blackburn and Lyon in their article “Regional Die-Production in Cnut’s Quatrefoil Issue” chapter 13 of Anglo-Saxon Monetary History. These dies therefore cut at Lincoln and supplied for use in Bedford.